Autentico Venice Lime Paint, color Dune

Autentico Venice is a historic lime paint, free of synthetic fillers and acrylates. Lime paint is vapor-open, fungicidal, bactericidal and disinfectant. A real natural product!

With Autentico Venice you get a real historical lime paint. In addition to the typical properties, such as the vapor-open and thus moisture-regulating character and the bactericidal effect, a pure lime paint also has a great appearance.

There are many different application techniques available. From the typical vertical stripe technique, through criss-cross techniques to spectacular special effects. We regularly organize workshops where you can learn these techniques.

Because lime paint is a real mineral paint and dries by means of "carbonization" (air lime, also called hydrate lime, hardened by absorption of CO2 from the air), demands are made on the substrate. To ensure that the adhesion and absorption takes place evenly, we recommend applying a layer of Autentico Vintage first.

Lime paint has particularly good coverage. On a layer of Vintage, even 1 coat of Venice is often sufficient.

Although lime paint is particularly moisture-regulating, stains occur when it is brought into contact with water. To protect Autentico Venice we have developed a special sealer, Velature, that impregnates the surface and therefore makes water repellent. As a result, part of the moisture-regulating properties will be lost, but the beautiful appearance will remain intact (the color may become slightly darker).

Lime paint is also suitable to be applied to furniture with a little preparation. For this you first apply a layer of Autentico vintage to ensure the right adhesion. With lime paint on furniture you can achieve very good aging effects.

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Below you can see an example of lime paint on furniture:


We can not make deep and very dark colors because of the nature of pure lime paint. However, by adding special additives and marble powder these popular colors are now available in Autentico Volterra, a concrete paint derived from lime paint.

The colors on this website are indicative. We have done our best to ensure that the colors we publish on our website are as reliable as possible, but computer screens can sometimes show colors differently. Lime paint can also produce a different color nuance due to the substrate and method of application. We therefore recommend that you purchase a hand-painted color sample of Autentico Venice so that you can assess the color on the spot.