Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS CHALK PAINT?       Autentico Vintage is our classic chalk paint.  Over 35% chalk together with water, pigment and resins makes a paint which is perfect for creating authentic paint finishes that require decorative techniques such as sanding through, crackling, washes and many other techniques. Just like other products, the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference; Autentico Vintage is simply the best paint for all decorative techniques. Comprised of a palette of more than 150 colors with outstanding coverage and adherence, Autentico Vintage has been the leader in “chalk paints” for many years. 

DO I NEED TO SAND BEFORE I CAN PAINT?     When using Autentico Vintage our classic chalk paint there's no need to sand (in 99% of the cases) in fact sanding can open up the previously sealed piece and actually create bleeding.  You do however have to clean your piece by first vacuuming and then use Omniclean to get off all the dirt, grime and if the former owner of the piece you're painting used furniture polish that contained dimethicone a silicone that can really affect the finish, Omniclean will remove that.  

If you have a surface that's covered with chippy and chipping paint or if you need to do repairs and use wood fill you will need to sand then wipe down with a tack cloth or microfiber cloth to remove dust.  After sanding you should use our Primer as you've opened up the wood grain and may have uneven absorption with the use of wood fill.
WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO APPLY AUTENTICO VINTAGE CHALK PAINT?      You can use a brush or a roller. With a roller be sure that it has a very short nap, the firm foam rollers work well especially when painting large flat areas.  I will often roll out my first coat this way and then brush the second to get the texture of a handpainted surface.  Your brush should be a good quality to avoid frustration, if the bristles are too stiff you'll end up pushing your paint instead of laying it on. I'm partial to Autentico brushes, they're handmade and do exactly what they're made to do and with basic care they last forever.  Before you start to paint be sure to wet your brush in clean water and then blot excess water this way your brush will not draw paint into the feral.  
Your first coat should not look great! If it does you're applying too much paint too thickly, the second coat will look beautiful!
DOES CHALK PAINT HAVE TO BE SEALED?     Our Autentico Vintage Paint does need to be sealed with either our Wax or Matte Varnish.  Autentico Versante Paint which is also a chalk based paint has a built in sealer and does not require any kind of top coat and is scrubbable making it the perfect paint for kitchen cabinets and walls, bathroom vanities and walls, outdoor furniture and anything that will be getting lots of use. For more information on Vintage and Versante check out this blog post The difference between Vintage and Versante paint
HOW DO I APPLY AUTENTICO WAX?    To apply our wax all you need is a natural bristle brush and I like to use a piece of cardboard as a pallet (this way you're not dipping your brush right into the can of wax and contaminating it), scoop some wax out and put on the palette, dip your brush into your wax and brush on a thin, consistent coat.  Let dry which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the weather and humidity. Once dry you can buff to a beautiful sheen or leave as is for a flat, matte look.