Into the Limelight, Kristin Crump of Foxtrot Home

Kristin Crump of Foxtrot Home is a fearless, high energy creative who knows her way around a liter of paint and a brush, I'm thrilled that's she an Autentico Paint Stockist. 

Foxtrot Home began in a group shop and has now grown into it's own retail space in Ridgefield, CT and can also be found at Monger's Market in Bridgeport, CT. Kristin has always had a strong interest in art and design and that's reflected in her beautifully curated shop. She and her husband Chris are always on the hunt for unique vintage, antique and locally made pieces, some of which she makes over using Autentico.


Kristin and Chris of Foxtrot Home


   Kristin's style embraces her love of color and texture while respecting the "personality" of the pieces and spaces she paints. 



Seven questions for Kristin

Why do you paint?  I love the creative process of taking something drab and making it fab!  

What's your favorite color? Autentico Vintage Gris

What's your favorite tool? Autentico Wax Brush.  The natural fibers glide the wax on so smooth and evenly. It’s almost effortless to get a perfect application.

What do you wear, listen to or eat/drink while you're painting? Usually wear a linen apron... listen to Dave Matthews Band...  drink...  Pellegrino.

Do you paint other things than furniture? Yes!   Lamps, Tiles, Frames, Canvases,  Fabric & Home Decor items.

How does painting make you feel?  Happy!  Creative!  Relaxed.

What's your favorite Autentico product?  My absolute favorite, can’t live without Autentico product is the clear wax.  It’s the easiest wax to use on the planet and gives such an incredible, professional result!   A major game changer for me.



Foxtrot Home and Nora Murphy Country House have recently entered a partnership and out of that has come the Nora Murphy Country House Paint Palette, a gorgeous range of our colors that reflect the Country House esthetic, available through Foxtrot Home.

To see Kristin's latest shop news be sure to follow Foxtrot  Home: Foxtrot Home Instagram

And to shop the Nora Murphy Country House Paint Palette: Paint Box Palette

Expect Foxtrot Home to keep growing and evolving, I don't think you'd want to miss a thing!



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