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A Plant Stand for all Seasons

February 24, 2020|Autentico Paint, Custom Work, Reuse
raw materials of an old drawer and luggage rack
Here's what we're starting with - on old drawer and a luggage rack.

I recently had a good client contact me about her need for a new plant stand. She said her current stand was ugly, and what she really wanted was something unique. She’d seen the drawer table I’d create a few years ago and wondered if that might work for a plant stand. YES!!!

Nothing makes me giddier then getting a custom build! I dove into my piles of old drawers and luggage racks — yes, I have multiple of each. Doesn’t everyone? Long drawers, curved drawers, tall racks and short — my furniture hoarding knows no bounds. 

Once we’d agreed on the best pairing of drawer and rack, it was time to dive in and build. As with the drawer table, I kept the straps of the luggage rack to give the resulting piece an additional layer of security. 

A nice heavy wood mold helps press the drawer bottom into the luggage webbing.
A nice heavy wood mold helps press the drawer bottom into the luggage webbing.

First step is to glue the luggage rack to the bottom of the drawer. Make sure to use the glue on the strap too. I used some weight and clamps to keep tension on while the glue dried. 

I lucked out with this drawer. The bottom board was a decent thickness so that I was able to screw up through the luggage rack into the bottom of the drawer without breaking through. 

If the drawer you’re working with is on the thin side, you can try to carefully screw up through the rack into the bottom of the board. Or you can screw down through the drawer into the rack. That will leave the screw tops visible. If you don’t like that look, you can always countersink the screw heads to minimize the profile.

Newly painted in hot pink and ivory the completed plant stand.
How beautiful is this plant stand? Who knew an old drawer and a luggage rack could be such a great combination.

Once the build part is done the real fun starts. My client already had the inside of the drawer picked, so that left the outside color. We settled on Autentico Vintage in Ivory with a wax finish. And of course, kept the original hardware to keep the vintage look. 

Happy painting!



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